The Hybrid 媒体 System: Politics and Power



—American Political Science Association Information Technology and Politics Section Best Book Award, 2014.
International Journal of Press/Politics Best Book Award, 2016, for an outstanding book on media and politics published in the previous ten years.


The diffusion and rapid evolution of new communication technologies has reshaped media and politics. But who are the new power players? Written by a leading scholar in the field, The Hybrid 媒体 System is a sweeping and compelling new theory of how political communication now works.

政治越来越多地被组织,团体和个人所定义,他们最能融合旧媒体和新媒体逻辑,在安德鲁·查德威克(Andrew Chadwick)所说的混合系统中。创造,挖掘和引导信息流以适应他们的目标的人,以及在各种旧媒体和新媒体之间以及在它们之间进行修改,启用和禁用其他人的能力的人,都拥有权力。

Chadwick examines news making in all of its contemporary “professional” and “amateur” forms, parties and election campaigns, activist movements, and government communication. He presents compelling illustrations of the hybrid media system in flow, from American presidential campaigns to WikiLeaks, from live prime ministerial debates to hotly-contested political scandals, from the daily practices of journalists, campaign workers, and bloggers to the struggles of new activist organizations. This wide-ranging book maps the emerging balance of power between older and newer media technologies, genres, norms, behaviors, and organizational forms. 

Political communication has entered a new era. This book reveals how the clash of older and newer media logics causes chaos and disintegration but also surprising new patterns of order and integration.


1. An Ontology of Hybridity
2. All 媒体 Systems Have Been Hybrid
3. The Contemporary Contexts of Hybridity
4. The Political Information Cycle
5. Power, Interdependence, and Hybridity in the Construction of Political News: Understanding WikiLeaks
6. Symphonic Consonance in Campaign Communication: Reinterpreting Obama for America
7. Systemic Hybridity in the 媒体tion of the American Presidential Campaign
8. Hybrid Norms in News and Journalism
9. Hybrid Norms in Activism, Parties, and Government
Conclusion: Politics and Power in the Hybrid 媒体 System

Publisher: Oxford University Press
Also available: Hardcover, EBook, Chinese translation, 2017: Communication University of China Press.


“这本书炸毁了旧的媒体类别。忘记组织边界,把关,以及信息生产者和消费者之间的简单区别。我们已经进入了混合媒体时代,在这个时代,不断变化的传播方式正在改变政治进程。 Chadwick解释了如何理解这些混合系统,并提出了通信技术的激增和民主化使混合成为新规范的可能性。华盛顿大学政治学教授Lance Bennett和传播学教授Ruddick C. Lawrence教授

“长期以来,数字媒体和民主化的报道一直依赖于对变革的概括性叙述。相比之下,安德鲁·查德威克(Andrew Chadwick)的新书着眼于人们实际使用当今新旧媒体的组合,尤其是那些从事专业工作来管理该界面的媒体或政治领域的人们。通过在媒体历史和社会理论中扎根的“混合媒体”概念,查德威克提供了一个精妙而急需的手册,以应对令人困惑的时代。”-尼克·库尔德里(Nick Couldry),伦敦媒体,传播与社会理论教授经济学院

Post-Publication Reviews

“这本书肯定会对这一领域做出重要贡献。因此,对于任何当代政治传播学者来说,它都是必读的……。 [A]对我们对英国和美国当代媒体系统的理解非常需要,令人耳目一新和有见地的贡献。”-凯蒂·斯诺·拜拉德(Catie Snow Bailard),乔治华盛顿大学, 政治传播.

“The best books are those that provide new ways of mapping complex terrain, enabling new analytical approaches and pointing to pathways out of intellectual dead-ends. 安德鲁·查德威克’s The Hybrid 媒体 System promises to be such a book…. illuminating, reorienting, even analytically liberating.“—Regina G. Lawrence, University of Texas at Austin, in Political Science Quarterly.

“安德鲁·查德威克(Andrew Chadwick)的书 The Hybrid 媒体 System 提供了一些重要而稀有的东西:基于经验和理论上的丰富解释,说明历史指导新闻研究和政治传播的假设如何以及为什么不足以解释当代媒体……令人头晕目眩的多维……记者,技术和政治演员的聚集Chadwick追踪为混合媒体系统提供了令人信服的证据,并为未来的研究提供了许多起点。”-南加州大学的Mike Ananny 新闻业。

”[A] self-assured feast of hybrid thinking, which renders simple dichotomies relating to politics and media obsolete…. [and] combines highly detailed accounts of interesting and stimulating cases, based on varying methods, with elegant and informed efforts at theorizing…. Chadwick… diverges from simple conceptual distinctions between ‘new’ and ‘old’ and simple normative evaluations in terms of ‘threats’ to or ‘chances’ for democracy. Rather, he demonstrates how different types of media find a way of working together and how volunteers, pressure groups, and amateurs fight their way into political issues. Conversely, he also describes how the political and media powers-that-be restrategize in the evolving political-media landscape. Chadwick provides great insights, a highly enjoyable reading experience, and excellent research approaches.“—Thomas Schillemans, Utrecht University, in 公共行政.

“The case studies are perhaps the book’s most impressive and significant contribution…. Chadwick’s microanalyses of these news events illustrate that this kind of granularity is, ironically, now essential for understanding the more macrolevel, systemic interactions and interdependencies that are the focus of the book, given that we now live in a time when an individual tweet can set off a complex, multidirectional chain reaction within the larger media ecosystem, as well as within the political system that this media ecosystem monitors. Uncovering these dynamics requires extensive digging for, and sequencing of, different types of content across multiple platforms and effectively mapping their flows and impacts across these platforms. Chadwick’s comprehensive dissection of these processes does much to illustrate his larger points about the increasing interconnectivity of media platforms and the migration of specific norms and behavioral patterns across platforms… Chadwick’s measured analytical approach is one of the book’s great strengths.”—Philip M. Napoli, Rutgers University, in The International Journal of Press/Politics.

“Chadwick approaches media with considerable theoretical nuance and a rigorously empirical sensibility. Most importantly, the book directly and accessibly addresses a set of questions that have significant implications across sociology, political science, and media and communication research—as well as outside the academy—concerning how power, citizenship, and democracy work in hybrid media environments….[A]n exemplar of what empirical work on our contemporary media and political environment might look like and… a major contribution to advancing our understanding of media and politics.“—Daniel Kreiss, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and Rasmus Kleis Nielsen, Oxford University, in 社会力量.

“The lesson from 安德鲁·查德威克’s The Hybrid 媒体 System is both simple and profound: we are all hybrids now… This is an important and timely book… will likely one day be measured by the weight of future scholarship that it inspires.”—David Karpf, George Washington University, in 信息政体.

“在 The Hybrid 媒体 System,查德威克(Chadwick)的主要目的是消除造成当今围绕当代政治传播的众多辩论的错误二分法,并提出超越这些二分法的替代框架。为此,他非常成功。”-华盛顿大学马修·鲍尔斯(Matthew Powers) 媒体, Culture, & Society.

“用于理解复杂的政治媒体环境的大理论……他的理论贡献有一定的背景和深度,而相关文献中却经常缺少……[w]强烈推荐这本书给任何对现代媒体环境及其现状感兴趣的学者塑造政治力量。”-路易斯维尔大学的杰森·盖努斯和佛罗里达大西洋大学的凯文·瓦格纳在 The Journal of Politics.

"valuable, thought-provoking, and conceptually-compelling."—Steven Livingston, George Washington University, in Perspectives on Politics.

“查德威克拉开帷幕,揭示了新老媒体参与者正在互动以制造新闻……。总体而言,查德威克向读者展示,曾经分隔报纸,广播和电信的整洁边界并没有消失,而是融合到一个混合系统中在整篇文章中,他对专业媒体组织和政治精英的影响是显而易见的:适应新媒体或失败。” —奥克兰大学的特里·L·汤纳(Terri L.Towner) Social Science Computer Review.

“读过这本书,许多教科书现在就让我觉得过时了。这本书以直接和引人入胜的术语描述了当代媒体的组织,逻辑和功能。这是所有媒体学生和相关团体的必读书籍。” -伊利诺伊大学芝加哥分校的Zizi Papacharissi在Roy Christopher的著作中 夏季阅读清单 blog post.

"Concludendo, quanto teorizzato in The Hybrid 媒体 System può essere tranquillamente considerato uno dei principali strumenti teorico-analitici attraverso i quali decifrare al meglio… la comunicazione politica contemporanea.”—Diego Ceccobelli, Scuola Normale Superiore (Pisa), in Comunicazione Politica.

"For media and political actors, the past decade has been a time of proliferating ‘disruptive’ digital communications, ‘a chaotic transition period’ in which ‘complex and multifaceted forces [are] reshaping the political communication environments of the western democracies.’ In the beginning, their responses were scrambling and ad hoc, presenting openings to nontraditional actors, such as bloggers, for instance. But over time, older power dynamics have adapted and traditional power holders have regrouped and reasserted themselves under the new conditions… a careful and detailed analysis."—Jonathan Sullivan, University of Nottingham, in the Taiwan Journal of Democracy. Read the full 17-page review article of mine, John Keane’s, and Stuart Soroka’s latest books 这里.

"Chadwick performs a service in signalling the interaction between new and old media that clearly characterises contemporary political communication and illustrates his point in a detailed and convincing manner."—European Journal of Communication.

“查德威克对混合媒体系统的复杂性进行了令人信服的分析,在这些系统中,政治生活是通过涉及脱机和在线通讯以及基层行动主义的网络行动网络来调解的。这本书对有关由破裂引起的破裂的辩论做出了宝贵的贡献。数字技术。”-塔贝雷斯·艾哈迈德·内亚齐(Taberez Ahmed Neyazi),新德里贾米利亚·伊斯兰大学 Political Studies Review.

"This is an important book, already cited as seminal in the field of political communication."—Laura Roselle, Elon University, in 选择.

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