How to…Wear Rings!

  No one knows the struggle of having only 10 fingers on which to display beautiful rings than us, which is why we are the biggest fans of combos and stacking around!

We often are asked how to wear rings and decided to finally let you in on our secrets 😉

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1) If going big, stick to a metal

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Big rings are fantastic and really take an average outfit to the next level, however if metals are mixed, things can get complicated. We are fans of a few sterling silver statement pieces worn together, but this can also be done with brass or gold fill/gold vermeil as well.

P.s. How beautiful are those moonstone and coral rings together?!

2) Use a lot of little ones for a big impact

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This is where you can really let your mixing-metal fun side out! Above is an example of pairing sterling silver and gold fill, which avoids being too much due to the daintiness of each piece. Below is an example of the fun you can have with little pieces when you stick to one metal (in this case gold fill). This works because when you aren’t mixing metals you can really explore different textures and designs of the small rings.

Also when playing with small rings let us introduce our best friend: the midi ring. In both pictures our lovely hand models are wearing midi rings (ones that go on the upper knuckle) which we love the look of so much! It not only elongates your fingers, but also helps disperse the rings so you can wear more at once.

3) Make sure your hands are balanced

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When putting together any piece of art (and yes, your fingers are art!), it is important to stand back and look at the big picture when done. Is it too much? Not enough? Imbalanced? This is when placing your hands side by side can really help because you want your hands to compliment one another! Above we see that sticking with one metal helps calm the eye as does the “rule” of one big ring and two little rings on each hand. It of course isn’t necessary to copy each style exactly between the two hands, however having two big rings on one hand and one small on the other can feel off balanced. Make sure there is a rhythm to your pieces and you don’t have too many gaps between each ring!

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