New Styles

We know that you ladies are important people who want to look great all year round, and as we have discussed before, dresses are the key to summer success!

Here are two of our favorites in the store right now:

Green Beauty!



Dress: $45

Every woman who has tried this dress on has come out of the dressing room with a huge smile across their faces! It is soooo flattering and comfortable and would be perfect in the summer for weddings, or throw on some flat sandals and you are ready for a backyard barbecue! We love transitional pieces and you can pull this beauty out of your closet for so many occasions we know it will be your  new summer go-to.

FullSizeRender (42)

Clockwise: Headband–$35, Moonstone necklace–$135, Claw necklace–$75, Leaf earrings–$18, Circle earrings–$24, Moonstone earrings–$85

When we imagine accessorizing this dress we want to stay light and true to the gold and white floral details, and these pieces do just the trick.

The headband would be a perfect addition to the fairy-like flow to the dress, as would the airy gold earrings (we also love how their natural shapes play off the floral vibe!) and you can never go wrong with the beautifully neutral moonstone in the earrings and pendant.

If you wanted to add a punch of edge this brass bird claw would be perfect as well and would downplay the femininity of the dress in a fun way.

Covered up in Blue


FullSizeRender (45)

Dress: $49

A question that has plagued humanity since the beginning of the time is how to dress appropriately for professional events when the temperature rises. Though there is nothing wrong with a tank top and skirt, when we want something flirty and a little more pulled together than a maxi-dress, we will be reaching for this number.

It has a high neck that makes it office-appropriate, but still stays fun and interesting with the gauzy fabric draping all around; a dress that gives the appearance of being layered without any added weight–sign us up! Throw on a cardigan and some closed toes heels and you will still outshine any industrial office lighting, or some strappy heels for the more formal affairs this summer while still staying cool.

FullSizeRender (44)

Clockwise from left: Earrings–$24, Druzy necklace–$48, Abalone necklace–$55, Pyrite necklace–$34, Earrings–$39

When adding details we don’t want too add too much to the already stylized neckline and texture of the dress, however some simple pieces in the blue/purple/silver family would only heighten the beautiful blue coloring.

We love the boldness of the purple druzy (which also has some blue within) and the chunky pyrite, however we have never been ones to say no to an abalone piece! We especially love this one because of the pinks and purples it picks up as it catches the light.

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